Friday, June 14, 2013

Type of Paint for Chemical Tanker Holds, Locker and Battery Room!

What type of paint is used in battery room, chemical locker and Chemical Tanker Holds?

Well the answer lies in the fact that Epoxy based paints are highly acid resistant.

In MEO Class IV E-Pariksha, there is a question they ask about paints used in chemical tanker holds, always remeber to choose Epoxy based paints.

Special features regarding that are..

Features :
  • Excellent resistance to a wide range of organic acid, alcohol, edible oils, fats (regardless of free fatty acid content) and Solvents
  • Good resistance to hot water
  • Highly resistance to crude Oil and Fuel oil
  • Corrosion control coatings

Uses :

  • For long time corrosion protection of structural steel and concrete in severe corrosive and immersed environments
  • Typical areas are steel buried in aggressive soil, pipelines of steel and concrete, tanks containing fuel or lubrication oil, drill water, drill mud, warm water or steel and concrete in sewage treatment plants

Applications :

  • Chemical Containment
  • Food Industries
  • Battery Manufacturers
  • Mining Industries
  • Plating Shops
  • Paper Manufacturers
  • Chemical Industries
  • Pharmaceutical Industries
  • Waste Water Treatment

Surface Preparation :

  • Acid resistance paints must be applied to clean dry surfaces
  • Remove old loose and flaking Paint, Rust, Loose debris by mechanical means
  • Remove Oil, Grease, Dirt, wax, etc. with a water-based cleaner/degreaser

Surface Maintenance :

  • Acid Proof Paints is easy to clean with detergent and degreaser. It is extremely durable.

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