Saturday, August 31, 2013

What are the Ideal properties of a Marine Refrigerant?

Ideal Properties of Marine Refrigerant

A commonly asked question in exams, please take a note of these...
  1. Low Boiling Point (for easy system start).
  2. High Enthalpy of vaporization ( to gain more heat from the evaporator).
  3. Low Condensing Pressure (easy condensing).
  4. Less specific volume in vapour state (to accommodate less space in line).
  5. High Critical Temp (temperature above which vapour cannot be condensed).
  6. Non Corrosive (system loving)
  7. Non Solvent (to oil and impurities)
  8. Non Miscible (to lub oil (possible to a certain extent)).
  9. Non Flammable (for obvious reasons).
  10. Non Explosive (Obviously).
  11. Non Toxic
  12. Easy Leak Detection (by odour or color).
  13. Cheap and Easily available.
  14. Environment Friendly.

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