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An Idiot's Guide to MARPOL ANNEX III

International Regulation for the prevention of pollution by Harmful Substances carried by sea in Packaged Form
Entered into force: 1 Jul 1992
Regulations: 8

Harmful Substances are those which are identified in the IMDG Code (International Maritime Dangerous Goods Code) Book.
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Regulation 1: Application

  • Applied to all the ships carrying dangerous goods in packaged form unless exceptions specified by the Administration.
Regulation 2: Packing
  • Packages shall be adequate to minimize the hazard to the marine environment, having regard to their specific contents.
Regulation 3: Marking & Labeling
  • Dangerous packages containing harmful substances shall be duly marked with the correct technical name and labeled to indicate that the substance is a marine pollutant.
  • Following must be made sure:
  1. Correct technical name must be there.
  2. Label of "MARINE POLLUTANT" must be mentioned on the box.
  3. Label must be properly affixed. 
  4. This red over yellow colour coding must be preferred.
  5. Label and print must be still identifiable even if immersed for over 3 months in Sea Water.
Regulation 4: Documentation
  • Shipper must send a document, declaring that the packaging is in proper order.
  • Detailed stowage plan for the stowage of cargo must be present onboard for reference and inspection.
Regulation 5: Stowage
  • Harmful substances shall be properly stowed and secured so as to minimize the hazards to the marine environment without impairing the safety of the ship and persons on-board.
Regulation 6: Quantity Limitation
  • For very much scientific and technical reasons, harmful goods, need to be prohibited for carriage beyond a certain limiting value.
  • In limiting this value, due consideration must be given to the construction and and ability of the handling equipment.
  • Also effect of the goods on the packaging (they must not react).
Regulation 7: Exceptions
  • Jettison of harmful substances carried in packaged form shall be prohibited at all times, unless, for the purpose of the safety of the ship or saving life at sea.
  • Subject to provisions of the present convention, appropriate measures based on the physical, chemical and biological properties of harmful substances shall be taken to regulate the washing of leakages overboard, provided that compliance with such measures would not impair the safety of the ship and persons on-board.
Regulation 8: Port State Control on Operational Requirements
  • When a ship in a port of another party to this convention, is subjected to inspection by officer duly authorized and it is found that the master/crew are not familiar with the handling and emergency procedures of the harmful substances in packaged form then the ship shall be detained from sailing until the correct procedures are brought in order in accordance with the requirements of this annex.
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