Friday, September 13, 2013

Precautions Prior Entering a DRYDOCK?

Precautions Prior Entry to DRYDOCK
dry dock
Following are to be kept in Mind before entering a dry dock:

i.Make a Dry Dock plan including particulars of dry dock.Make a list of surveys to be done in D.D and get approvals for the same from higher authorities.

ii.For engine staff 2/E and for deck staff C/O in conjunction with C/E and Master must prepare a defect, repair and maintenance list and all the engine staff must be briefed and teams divided in order to handle the work efficiently and also to keep a check on the dry dock team who will work on-board.

iii.Positive Initial GM-If initial GM small,then press up DB tanks to increase GM.

iv.Vessel’s stability must be calculated and critical period changes must be considered.

vi.Trim- Even Keel or Slight Trim by Stern and required draft achieved.

vii.Minimum Free Surface effect to be maintained.
viii.C/E and 2/E must study previous D.D reports and must get all the parameters checked for comparison.

ix.All Bilges, Bilge Lines( prior to enter a D.D) and tank tops must be thoroughly cleaned and get rid off sludge to make the region Hot Work Safe. In case of tankers, all cargo tanks cleaned and gas freed.

ix.Carry minimum amount of fuel and fresh water which are enough for the time being.
x.Sound all the tanks and log them for reference.

xi.Fire Fighting- Safety Meeting to be held. Roles and responsibilities to be discussed and assigned. Fire Safety Equipment must be inspected for fitness and readiness of use. Fire Pump and fire lines pressure tested.

xii.M/E, A/E and Boiler lines must be on Diesel Oil prior to entering D.D.

xiii.Secure all movable and heavy items to avoid accidents.

xiv.Shut down all overboard discharge lines.

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