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Simplifying Tonnage Terms (GT/GRT/NT/NRT)

marine engineering
Understanding TONNAGEs

For most of us, the words Tonnage is a very confusing deal, so it was for me until, i learnt this..

Tonnage is a measure of the size or cargo carrying capacity of a ship.

G.T (Gross Tonnage): It is a unitless index that is related to the ship's moulded internal volume of all the enclosed spaces from keel to funnel measured to the outside of the hull framing.
Tonnage measurements are now governed by an IMO Convention (International Convention on Tonnage Measurement of Ships, 1969 (London-Rules)), which applies to all ships built after July 1982.

GRT (Gross Register Tonnage): It represents the total internal volume of all the enclosed spaces from hull to funnel which is calculated based on the fact that,
1 Registered Ton = vol. of 100 cubic feet of space filled with fresh water which would weigh 2.8 tonnes.
(GRT = V/2.8)

N.T (Net Tonnage): It is defined the volume of all cargo spaces of the ship.
It is normally 30% more than the GT.

N.R.T(Net Register Tonnage): In business terms, this is the earning capacity of the vessel,i.e, the volume of cargo the vessel can carry be it tanks or cargo holds (all inclusive).The vessel's gross tonnage minus the spaces occupied by the accommodation, machinery spaces, navigation room, engine room etcetera.

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