Monday, February 18, 2019

MAYA: A Sinner or YOU???


The powerful four lettered word which has powers so intense that it does not spare even the great yogis and lashes at them with different greeds which they keep away by diving deep into the ocean of the divine. Where there is divine there is Gyana, i.e, sense to identify between the virtuous and the unworthy. The sensible yogi. s do not fall for intoxication offered by maya which lasts for only a few minutes or hours in the form of lust, liquor or smoke instead a yogi loves to be in the intoxication offered by the divine and it lasts forever if you keep it held right. Sai Baba says this maya teases him too but he can simply keep it miles away as he always takes refuge in the lord's name.

But, what about us? We, the slaves of maya. It does 'nt even need to attract us because we ourselves surrender to its feet. And you say KARMA is a *** (read culprit). The exciting offers of maya are way beyond our refusal and thus we do not even know (at times) that we shall avoid it, because for every action of ours, we add on one reward point to the ledger of KARMA.And for those who still does not believe in KARMA shall read the science of energy and its equilibrium. In a nutshell, everything is energy, changing forms from one form to another at the cost of some byproducts which are again kind of energy. So here at this level of understanding, what we refer to karma is the byproduct of our actions which need to be transformed to some form of energy. All these calculations are thus naturally referred to as your KARMA.

The remedy here is to keep ourselves engrossed in the name of the lord which doesn't mean to leave your school or job, instead to train your mind to offer everything you do to the almighty (or whichever name you like to call for your personal Supreme power or your higher self). By doing this, you can be ever cautious in your actions and this will save a lot of energy of yours' which might be spent in repenting some actions or feeling guilty.I give you an example here, lets suppose Mr X is married happily and he gets attracted to another woman who in turn likes Mr X. Now it is natural for him to make advances of any and every sort...But, But, But, if he asks a question in his mind, that, "hey sai baba, shall I move ahead with this sort of fling?", then an inner voice shall stop him from doing adultery which of course is a sort of wrong doing and shall bring a lifetime of guilt to Mr X. So, this way we can ask questions to sai baba(who is no where else but in your head, acting as your intuition) which will give us a chance to take control of the situation by making a wise choice.Let us take another example, you are Miss C and you are on a strict workout and diet routine to achieve your goal. But on a fine sunny winter afternoon, you happen to open the refrigerator and find a piece of rum cake along with a pizza slice. What would be your first thought? Well, I bet to eat it. But, you stop and ask, "Oh Sai, shall I consume this cake despite of knowing this will add extra calories and I will have to run for 45 minutes to get rid of it?". This second thought will instantly make you cautious of the consequences and shall avoid the extra work later or the guilt.

This method is very effective. All you need to do is to make your supreme lord (or whatever name you would like) as your guidance star to ask direct questions and you shall get benefitted.

Because, guilt is a very cruel byproduct of your actions, It certainly is...

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