Civilian Emergency Preparedness Programme


Emergency can happen anywhere, anytime..Thus, one cannot rely on external help always.
Instead, one must be prepared to be proactive in such times for themselves and for others in need too...

Being prepared for any thing can only be possible if you have knowledge and you have practiced enough to get things done precisely and intuitively.

I generalise Emergencies on land as follows:

  • Fire Fighting & Preparedness
  • Electrical Hazards & Precautions
  • Medical First Aid
  • General Ailments & Remedies

These are the things which one can encounter in daily lives and they are vast subjects in themselves and shall be discussed individually. 

Imagine, if you know the right way of using a fire extinguisher (and knowing which type is suitable) then you can avoid a massive fire which may cause huge losses, because the help arrives a little too late sometimes.

Half knowledge is dangerous! 
It can be proven simply by understanding that you know how to use a fire extinguisher, but you use a water type extinguisher on electric fire...What could be the result??? Disastorous!
Knowing types of extinguishers and their compatibility with different material fires is more important than to use a standalone extinguisher.

Follow us to know more about the programme and get enrolled, who knows you could end up saving hundred lives!

This is an MEOSUCCESS Initiative!

Please spread awareness about this series among friends and relatives, someday, they might need it!

Post comments suggesting ideas and also tell how useful this programme could be for you!

Thanking You!

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