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Apps You Would Use: ANY.DO App Review

I always used to come i tend to forget my things so fast...sometimes my mom tells me to go and buy certain groceries or pay some bills,but..oops, when i used to reach the store, i had already forgot what to do...This is soo embarrassing if you ever forget something related to your job or something even important..
any do android
But,Alas... Any.Do came to my rescue,i am soo glad to use this is not only an app its kind of a personal assistant which keeps on reminding me that I have logged a certain task and i must do it..
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Logging Tasks: Logging tasks in Any.Do is very simple and easy to understand.
It will ask you that "I want to..." ,then you can write there what you wish to remember.
Below that there is a log which shows certain icons -
  • Icon 1 - Bookmark
  • Icon 2 - Choose to file - Personal, Work
  • Icon 3 - Add Alarm
  • Icon 4 - Add Notes
  • Icon 5 - Share
Now then the best part is that when you log a task such as, " Meeting @ 1230 with *Contact", will observe that the contact name appears from your contacts book.Its really an advantage.
It reminds you your task as per your can set reminder for -
  • Snooze- In one hour, Tommorow, Custom
Missed a call..Never worry..Any.Do is here..It will remind you that you have a missed call.
You can Call back directly from the notification else you can simply ignore.
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Options: Under the settings tab one can choose from various options availabe to customise according the requirement.
  • Theme - Black,White
  • Status Bar settings
  • Setting up first day of the week
  • and much more...
Host of these features can be check out by downloading this simple app from the Respective markets such as -
Cost: Free
Additional features include Backing Up of stored data and tasks log.
Good For: This ultra useful app can be used by Professionals, Students and many more..
Verdict: I have trie  d many other apps in the market developed to serve similar purpose, but Any.Do has an edge over all of them in every respect and serves as a personal asistant which other apps generally lack.You will see the difference when you download the app.
About App: Any.DO was founded in 2010 by Omer Perchik, Yo90ni Lindenfeld & Itay Kahana. Frustrated with his own procrastination and the complexity of getting things done, Omer was inspired to create a tool that will simplify the way people do things (so thkey can have more time for fun). Omer started sketching some ideas and after getting Yoni and Itay on board they started their journey to find a better way to make things happen. The first step was to release a simple to do list app, collect some feedback and test some concepts. The app soon became one of the most popular to do list apps out there. The Any.DO app was inspired from the lessons learned from the previous app in addition to deep focus on a simple and easy to use experience that will make you feel good.
Thank you for reading in...If you have any questions then please drop in a comment.
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Cya :)

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