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Definitions in Ship Con

Definitions in Ship Conship terminology important
The following terms are associated with the ship.

L.O.A (Lenth Over All): It is the lenth of the vessel from extreme fore to extreme aft.Else consider it to be the greatest lenth of the vessel.

L.B.P (Lenth Between Perpendiculars): The distance between the forward and after perpendicular.
Forward perpendicular is the one that passes through the stem.
After perpendicular is the one which passes the rudder post, if no rudder post then it must pass through the rudder stock.

Camber Deck: is the one which has the transverse curvature and is constructed in this way in order to swipe away the water on deck.
Sometimes the transverse center is flat and the sides are curved.

Sheer: The curvature of the deck at fore and aft (think of the smooth rise at the forecastle).
The sheer at fore direction is more than at the aft direction.

Rise of the floor: (see figure) Its there to facilitate drainage. Its around 150mm.

Bilge Radius: (see figure) Its the radius of the arc connecting side of the ship.

Tumble Home: In some ships, the sheer strake top land is curved to give better appearance to the vessel. It has no other significance.

Displacement: It is the mass of the ship and everything it contains,i.e, the total mass os the vessel with the machinery onboard plus the mass of the stores, cargo, fuel, water and crew.


Deadweight: It is the mass of the cargo, fuel, crew and stores etc onboard the ship.

This is the deciding factor of ship owners about the earning the ship can deliver. This is also reffered as the Dead Weight Tonnage (DWT).

Lightweight: The mass of the empty ship, i.e only machinery and the ship as it was in dock for the first time whn built.


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