Thursday, September 12, 2013

Main Engine Safety Devices/Trips/Slowdowns/FailSafe!

Main Engine Safety 

Currently they are enlisted, in future they will be added with a link, so that you can learn about them in detail directly! So do checkback and share with your Friends!
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Safety Devices
  • Crankcase Relief Door
  • Scavenge Space Relief Door
  • Cylinder Head Relief Valve
  • Starting Air Relief Valve
  • Starting Airline Flame Trap
  • Oil Mist Detector
  • Rotation Direction Interlock
  • Turning Gear Interlock
Safety Trips
  • Over Speed
  • L.O Low Press
  • Camshaft L.O Low Press
  • JCW Low Press
  • Piston Cooling Low Press
  • Thrust Bearing High Temp
  • Main Bearing High Temp Trip
  • OMD Alarm (2 pass, if excessive oil mist in ccase)
  • Spring Air Low Press (if air spring provided for exh vv instead of springs)
  • Manual Em. Trip
ME Slow Down
  • L.O High Temp
  • JCW High Temp
  • Piston Cooling High Temp
  • OMD Alarm (1 pass)
  • Thrust Bearing L.O Low Press
  • Control Air Low Press
  • Scavenge Air High Temp
  • Exh Gas High Temp
Fail Safe Systems
  • L.O Low Press
  • Turning Gear Interlock
  • Piston Cooling No Flow
  • Cylinder Oil No Flow
  • Overspeed Trip
  • Control Air Failure
  • Exh v/v Spring Air
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  1. could you mention the percentage at which omd alarm will trip in M/E and A/E !!!


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