Friday, March 2, 2018

Are We Still Divided???

After watching 'Padmavat',
I wish to remind my fellow countrymen that if we continue to do what we were doing before, then soon another Khilji will take it all away from us..
Being united under the umbrella of 'Being Indian' can save us from such devastation.
Still fighting for Honor of Religion?
Fighting for caste? and reservation?
Fighting for political motives?
Since ages we have not been together and let people from another world to be our masters.
"Jiska mann aya hindustaan pe raaj kar ke chala gaya"
Know why?
Coz we were never 'We', it was 'I' that has been prominent.
Our egoes not let us join hands.
Had it been the case that other Rajput Kings would have joined hands with Maharawal Ratan Singh, then Khilji would have been their prisnor.
Likewise, even today, our states act as separate countries and demand their own rules. Many Chief Ministers tend to create their rules and states.
India is still divided in terms of Religion, Region and Race.
If we not wake up now, be sure to face another Khilji invading our motherland for ruling upon us in no time..
Protect your religion, but not destroy other's by  any means of conversion or violence.
Protect your caste but not by seeking reservations, instead by setting an example based on smart work.
Consider each human being as equal.
Help the poor, do some random Charity.
Be the Change!!!
But not let any one divide our country, not let anyone invade our minds with evil thoughts.
Do not let any Khilji in...Do not!
Not in your mind, your life, your religion or your Country.
Because you are an #indian , a #hindustani!
All those who do not think of themselves as an proud Indian, or do not repect the national anthem & flag shall be deemed as Criminals!
A bit of GOOD dictatorship in never bad. As sometimes enforcing things is the only better option!
Jai Bharat!!!

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