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Picture This...

I just signed off from the ship, wow (feels exciting).
Boarding the flight (imagining how nice everyone was to you this morning).
In the flight, thinking how you would pose in front of your proud parents and other family members (and girlfriend, ofcourse), definitely they must be thinking about you "The Sailor Man". Each moment is full of Pride!
Oh, you are there, wow so many pals have come to receive you at the airport (you feel so like a vip).You meet.You hug.You handshake and what not.
Inside cab, lot of talks.Boastings.Screwing Second in stories.And what not...
At home, Parathas.Favourite dishes.Fun.Hangouts.Girlfriend (Hugs&Kisses).
After 15 days...

I feel so bored.
All friends busy.
Girlfriend's exams.
Dont have anything to do.
Oh man, lets start inquiring about Class IV Exams (shivers & chills).

Now the Rat Race begins...
You call your seniors (they tell you their horror stories)
You call fellow mates(they tell you horror stories about MMD)
You scratch your hairs and balls to guess what to do..

1 months passed by...

Now you would really want to prepare for Class Exams...
But where to get study material from?
What to study?
How to begin with?
What subject?
What book?
Which MMD?
Oh gosh...Trouble!

Oh, no more trouble...Because you already know, that...

is here now!

Born to combat all your questions, worries and troubles!

Why MEO Success...

  • Baby Step Guide to tell you how to do it all
  • Information about your nearest MMDs
  • Comprehensive study material for each subject
  • Ask a question facility
  • Follow MEO Success on Facebook and get study material in feed
  • Never stay behind of Technology, with our TECH-MATE programme

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