Wednesday, January 15, 2014

A short guide for all budding MEO CL-IV Aspirants!

A response letter to a MEOSUCCESS fan... A short guide for all budding MEO CL-IV Aspirants!

this is aseem rastogi from MEOSUCCESS. i thank you soo much for liking my efforts, i hope this will bring joy to your studies.
meo success guidewell, as you have just started with the preparation, so i would suggest you the same that i did.
pick up some good books and brush up your basics again and along with that set a target to crack certain uscg questions from the mcq bank that i have uploaded.
reason i am asking you to study text also, because certain people keep on mug up the mcq answers (which certainly helps) but it wont help you clear concepts and oral exams.
so better start of, with some good basics..

For Motor/MEP: Deven Arahna
For Elecrical: D.T Hall+McGeorge (if you have enough time then Fernandez)
For General: McGeorge's Marine Machinery 7th Edition+J.Cowley

And ofcourse, is your best friend at all times!
meo class iv guide
Also you can brush up your skills through your college handouts, they seem to be waste but come in very handy.
Will soon make a post regarding the oral questions.

Hope this helps you and millions!

We will always try to keep up the good work. There might be some delay, but your questions shall be answered asap!

May the joy be with you!

Aseem Rastogi

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